Hearing Aid has become an integral part of the lives of those who are suffering from hearing difficulties as it offers a better lifestyle that they prefer. There are different types of hearing aids available in terms of the design and functionality. IIC or Invisible in Canal and BTE or Behind the Ear are noteworthy for their several advantages and disadvantages. We, Aural Care Center, is one of the best destinations in Kolkata for different types of hearing aids, we offer the latest and best technology in hearing aids. We helps to select hearing aid and taking care of related service. We have 15 years experience in this field. So, today, we’ll talk about the Pros & Cons of Different Hearing Aid Designs.


Let’s discover the Invisible vs. Behind-the-Ear: Pros & Cons of Different Hearing Aid Designs to make a well-informed decision tailored to your lifestyle.


IIC or Invisible Hearing Aid

Invisible Hearing Aid fits in the deep of the ear canal and it can not be located outside. This advanced technology based hearing aid automatically adopts the external sound of the environment and it is also capable of noise cancellation. Though this type of hearing aid is beneficial for the users, there are several pros and cons of this electrical device.

Pros of IIC or Invisible Hearing Aid

Maintain Aesthetics

  • Invisible in Canal Hearing Aid offers an aesthetic look to the user as it is almost invisible. As this device fits deep into the canal of ears users find it easy to keep their hearing problems private. It has a great acceptability and popularity for its Camouflaging colour, the small size and discrete design.

Natural Sound

  • Invisible Hearing Aid offers a high quality natural as the speakers and the microphone stay close to the eardrum. The position of the hearing aid machine allows it to use the natural anatomy to amplify the sound. It provides a more authentic experience to the user.

Provide comfort

  • Invisible hearing aid is custom made to be fitted to the contours of the ear’s canal. This feature allows a user to use it for a long period of time comfortably. This device is lightweight and as it is close to the eardrum less power is required to transmit the sound. Thus more accurate as well as natural sound can be enjoyed.

Noise Cancellation

  • The latest technology based Invisible hearing aid is capable of reducing outside noise. This is one of the notable advantages of hearing aid as it offers you to hear the sound that you prefer.

Cons of Invisible hearing aid

Size issue

  • The small size of this hearing aid is difficult to handle and this hearing aid machine is also hard to see or feel.

Limited features

  • This small device has limited features and few customization options. The several advanced features such as wireless connectivity and the directional microphones are unavailable in some models of Invisible hearing aid.

Shorter battery life

  • One of the major disadvantages of this small size hearing aid machine is the short battery life.

Difficult to maintain

  • The Invisible hearing aid is difficult to clean and maintain properly due to the small size and the intricate design. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the optimal performances.

Suitable for moderate hearing loss

  • This hearing aid is perfect for those who have mild hearing issues. But the patients who are suffering from the severe hearing loss can not use this machine as it is not capable of tackling advanced hearing loss.

The Best Hearing Aids for Moderate Hearing Loss

BTE or Behind the Ear Hearing Aid

BTE is a larger hearing aid that is located behind the ears to help a patient who has hearing difficulties by making the sound clear and loud.

Pros of BTE

Versatile feature

  • Behind the Ear Hearing Aid is suitable for the patients who are suffering from any kind of hearing difficulties from mild to profound. This large hearing machine possesses powerful amplification and several latest features such as telecoil technology and bluetooth connectivity.

User friendly

  • Behind the ear hearing aid is easy to insert, handle as it has larger buttons and convenient adjustment. Users with dexterity complications prefer this type of hearing machine.

Long battery life

  • One of the noteworthy advantages of BTE hearing aid is its long battery life. It is suitable for the customers who prefer to use hearing aids without frequent changes of battery.

Cons of BTE


  • BTE hearing aid is more visible than the other hearing aid. Though the latest BTE machines are sleek, they are still visible. Users may be disappointed by the looks of this machine.


  • As the BTE machine is placed behind the ear it is not capable of noise cancellation and this factor may affect the outdoor hearing experiences.


If you’re looking for a Best Hearing aid center for you or Hearing impairment service in Kolkata, then this is the right place for you.


Prone to feedback

BTE hearing aid is more prone to whistling because of its placement behind the ear. Efficient audiologists are essential for reducing the feedback and also to ensure optimal performances.
Aural Care Center, one of the best hearing aid clinics in Kolkata offers high quality and latest technology based hearing aids. The expert and experienced radiologists assess the hearing difficulty properly and provide the best care to the patients.

This clinic provides different types of vertigo related tests by using the latest technology baked machines. Highly trained audiologists take care of the patients who suffer from severe hearing loss. They recommend using a hearing aid that is suitable for them and also make aware the patients about the advantages of hearing aid.

Aural Care Center is one of the best destinations in Kolkata for different types of advanced tests such as VEMP, BERA, ASSR, VNG and some other audiometry tests. This clinic is situated at the prime location in Kolkata and this is the another major facility of this clinic.

This clinic is well known for the high quality hearing aids such as BTE or Behind the Ear and Invisible Hearing Aid to provide the best service to the patients. People who are suffering from hearing loss can get the facility to choose the hearing aid as per their preferences.




Invisible vs. Behind-the-Ear, Using Hearing aid is essential to cope with hearing difficulties and also to communicate with others. There are several Pros & Cons of Different Hearing Aid Designs such as Invisible hearing aid and Behind-the-Ear hearing aid. One can choose the suitable hearing aid as per his needs and preferences.

Aural Care Center is a well known clinic in Kolkata provides a wide variety of effective tests using advanced machines and also a team of expert audiologists who are conscious about the well being of the patients.

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