Pure tone Audiometry helps us to found degree and type of hearing loss of a person with hearing impairment.

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Are you suspecting hearing loss? It would be best if you do not neglect it – a reliable Audiometry Test can help. 

Numerous Indians experience some form of hearing loss. These three million people are impacted, and their friends and family find it challenging to engage in even the most fundamental contact with them. Yet, communication with others around us is essential in our daily lives. It promotes the growth of reasoning ability, cognition, and emotion. If we are unable to communicate our feelings or understand those of people around us, we may become agitated.

Hearing loss is not a condition that develops quickly. It is a slow-moving process that might only be apparent once it is too late. Many assume they should accept their deteriorating hearing because they associate it with aging. But this is not the case. Most people delay taking action to address their hearing loss for up to seven years, which causes them tremendous stress and suffering for their friends and family.

Thank goodness, advancements in technology have increased accessibility to hearing. The detrimental consequences of hearing loss on your relationships and quality of life can be reversed with our help. The world is full of incredible sounds to uncover, and with the latest hearing treatments, available hearing loss can be taken good care of.

But everything has to begin with the early detection of hearing loss, where the proper audiometry test becomes critical.

Before we go further, let us understand how the proper audiometry test can help in treating hearing loss:

Understand what an Audiometry test is

Our hearing capacity is assessed using audiometry. The evaluation will test our capacity to hear various frequencies, noises, and pitches. Sound passes to the brain when sound waves stimulate the nerves in our ears. The fundamental auditory system is made up of this. The audiometry test evaluates this system.

The majority of people with hearing loss are over 50 years of age. However, young adults and adolescents are also experiencing an increase in hearing loss. As a result, audiometry screening helps detect hearing irregularities earlier. 

What is the purpose of the audiometry test? 

By assessing our acoustic sensitivity, audiometry can detect any hearing loss. Different aspects of the hearing systems, such as sound tone (the rate at which sound waves vibrate), strength (how loud the sound is), balance, etc., are assessed in audiometry. This assessment is carried out either as a standard check-up or to identify an obvious hearing problem.

Why is an audiometry test necessary?

You may detect any hearing issues or hearing loss early on with an audiometry exam. In addition, audiometry can assist in determining the source and severity of any hearing problems you may have.

What happens during the audiometry test?

Different tones and noises are played through earbuds during the audiometry exam. Every time you hear a sound, you must raise your hand. The audiologist takes the readings in light of this. You speak the words you hear in the word recognition exam. A soft plug is put in your ear during a tympanometry exam to measure your reactions to various pressures and noises.

What should one do to be ready for an audiometry test?

There are no special requirements for taking this test. However, you must maintain your composure and silence to get reliable readings.

What is prohibited before an audiometry test?

Before the test, try not to be impatient or agitated. Instead, decide to maintain patience and calm. Do not be apprehensive or uncomfortable; the operation is straightforward, non-invasive, and painless.

How long does an audiometry test last?

The average duration of an audiometry session is one hour; however, this might somewhat vary from person to person.

What dangers exist?

The test is risk-free.

The results of the audiometry test

You will discuss the test findings with the audiologist. Your referring doctor, who can be a neurosurgeon, otolaryngologist, or primary care physician, receives a report. They will review the implications of the test results for your condition and available treatments with you.

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