The VEMP Test is a diagnostic test to evaluate the function of the vestibular system. This advanced and effective test for ears helps to measure the condition as well as the capacity of the vestibular system of the ear. This test helps to make sure of the exact condition by assessing the response from the muscle to a sound and also to the vibration stimuli.

This test is also effective in detecting different kinds of hearing disorders. Patients who are suffering from any kind of vestibular disorder need to have this test to make sure of the condition of their vestibule.

This process includes the evaluation of the condition of the otolithic organ in the inner ear that helps to maintain the body balance and also spatial orientation. This test is effective in diagnosing different types of vestibular disorders such as BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo), Meniere disease, and also superior canal dehiscence syndrome.

Aural Care Center, Best Hearing Aid Clinic in Kolkata, emphasizes the necessity of the healthy life of every patient. This renowned clinic always stays conscious of providing effective solutions to their patients. The skilled staff of this clinic assess the problems and also the root of the problem by testing with the latest machines. VEMP hearing test is one of the advanced services that this clinic provides efficiently for the diagnosis. Then these specialists provide the best treatment to the patient to make their lives easy. Today, We shall examine the effectiveness of the VEMP test for diagnosis. As a means of diagnosing hearing impairment. We’ll go over the test’s operation, dependability in detecting a range of auditory and vestibular conditions, and benefits over alternative diagnostic techniques.

How does the VEMP Test work?

  • The VEMP Test goes through several effective and simple steps. In this process electrodes are placed on the neck and also on the facial muscle.
  • An earphone or a bone-conduction vibrator is placed to expose the patient to the sound or vibration stimuli. The electrode then records the response of the muscle to the stimuli.
  • The recorded response of the patient is then being analyzed by the specialized software. This advanced software measures the latency and the amplitude of muscle response to determine the difficulties in the function of the vestibular system.

The process of VEMP Test

Before starting the procedure the patient may be instructed to avoid certain food or medicines that can affect the vestibular system.

For the test patient is seated in a dark and quiet room and instructed to sit in a still position. This non-invasive procedure takes about 30- 60 minutes. The patient may experience dizziness and mild discomfort during the process.

Aural Care Center is a renowned health clinic in Kolkata, this organization provides services to patients who suffer from difficulties related to hearing, speech, and vertigo-related disease. Different types of tests and treatments they provide efficiently. VEMP test is one of the effective tests for proper diagnosis. The organization hired expert and efficient staff and renowned doctors for the proper tests and to provide the best treatment to the patients. The cost of the VEMP test is reasonable in this clinic. This organization tests using advanced and latest technologies and also world-class equipment to get accurate results of the test and thus this organization becomes able to achieve the trust as well as the support of numerous happy patients.

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What the VEMP Test for diagnosis measures?

  1. Threshold – The VEMP test measures the different frequencies and this method is clinically effective to properly understand the reason for the hearing obstacles.
  2. Latency – This procedure also includes the latency measurement to get accurate result
  3. Amplitude – This is useful to measure the variable responses and even between the two ears of a patient.

Advantages and effectiveness of the VEMP Test for diagnosis

There are several advantages of this effective test to detect vestibular difficulties properly as well as accurately. VEMP(Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential) Test result is reliable and highly accurate to find out the specific vestibular disorder.

It helps to determine the underlying root cause of the problem such as a head injury, a viral infection, or the problem in the inner part of the ear. It is necessary to go through a proper diagnosis and treatment of the vestibular system to live a hazard-free life. A patient who has a proper diagnosis at the right time may avoid complications such as various injuries and falls.

VEMP ear test is done by an audiologist to determine if the vestibular and saccule nerves are in proper condition or not and this is one of the notable advantages of this test. The inferior vestibular and saccule nerves work together to send orders to the mussels of the eyes.

There are two types of VEMP test and those are oVEMP and the other is cVEMP or cervical VEMP. The cVEMP majors the saccule and inferior vestibular nerve and the oVEMP evaluates the integrity of the superior vestibular nerve and utricle. Thus the proper disease and the condition of the inner ear can be determined accurately.

VEMP Test is a polysynaptic response and also helps to assess properly the function of the lower brainstem. This is one of the noteworthy benefits of this test. Before the other tests for hearing difficulties only assess the upper brainstem but this test provides the accurate result as it assesses the condition of the lower brainstem.

VEMP ear test is beneficial as it includes the diagnosis of the central vestibulopathy and peripheral. This procedure differentiates the labyrinthine from the retro labyrinthine lesions. By this method, the exact problem factor can be determined more clearly.

Another noteworthy advantage of this test is that this test is suitable for kids and infants. This advanced technology-based test determines the difficulties in the inner parts of the ear of infants. As it is a very short time consuming process and simple steps make it easy to do the test.

This test is highly sensitive and it helps to diagnose the disorder at the early stage. This test result is very easy to interpret. If a disease can be detected at an early stage then it becomes easy for the doctors to treat and also for the patients to recover the diseases. This can be another benefit of this effective test.

VEMP Test for diagnosis has already become an important as well as important investigative modality to evaluate the problems of patients with balance disorder.

The strongest advantage of the VEMP Test is that it measures the different parts of the vestibular system. It gets the result by cVEMP and oVEMP and assesses the left as well as right labyrinth separately. Thus a patient can get the best result of the test that is essential for his recovery.

Another important advantage of this test is the tolerable and relatively fast process. The patient feels a sense of relaxation during this simple process. As this method of testing is the most valuable for diagnosis and it is a new process to test the vestibular functions by stimulating the ear with click sound stimulation and also with repetitive pulse, it has become popular all over the world.

Aural Care Center, one of the leading organizations offers a proper diagnosis by using various advanced technology and also by hiring certified and efficient staff. They always become conscious of the well-being of the patients. They first diagnose properly with the help of their advanced equipment and then assess the test reports and then suggest the patient the best solution. The VEMP test is one of the most effective tests to diagnose the vestibular disorder.

If a patient is experiencing hearing difficulties and wants to get the best treatment and best care then Aural Care Center can be the best choice for him. This clinic enjoys the support of numerous satisfied customers.

One of the main aims of this organization is to cure the diseases of patients by assisting them properly. The diagnosis of a disease is essential to understand the main reason for the problem. The VEMP Test is important for diagnosis. The staff are being trained about the advanced technology and processes as they are the service provider.

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VEMP Test for diagnosis is valuable as well as an effective diagnosis tool that helps to make important insights into the vestibular system. The various types of vestibular disorders can be detected properly through this noninvasive as well as safe procedure. The different kinds of vestibular disorders such as BPPV and Meniere’s disease can be properly diagnosed by the help of this process. If you are experiencing some symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, and unsteadiness need to contact your immediately to his health care provider and also discuss the VEMP Test to live a hazard-free free healthy life.

Aural Care Center is one of the renowned brands with 15 years of experience in this field. This organization offers several effective and essential tests that are necessary to diagnose properly the problems related to the hearing. This organization works by using the latest technologies and advanced machines. There are well-trained and experienced staff who efficiently do their job and provide the best care to the patients.

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